Registration Form - Team Lead

Solar Decathlon Africa Design Challenge
Registration Form - Team Lead

Ready to unleash your vision for a sustainable Africa? Welcome to the Solar Decathlon Africa Design Challenge 2024!
This form guides you, the Team Lead, through the registration process for your team’s journey in tackling real-world challenges through innovative and high-performance building design. By completing this form, you'll create your team's official entry to the competition, allowing you to collaborate, submit project details, and compete for recognition on an international stage.

Before you begin:

  • Double-check! Confirm no other team member has already registered and created your team. If they have, simply join their existing team on the Submission Site.
  • Gather your team! Download this team list template to list all your team members, ensuring it follows the format for smooth uploading later.

Get ready to:

  • Craft your team identity: Choose a memorable name and introduce your institution and project location.
  • Assemble your dream team: Add your fellow innovators, including faculty advisors and project partners (if applicable).
  • Outline your vision: Share your project title, type, and a captivating description of your design concept.
  • Commit to the journey: Agree to the Challenge’s rules and deadlines, demonstrating your dedication to shaping a sustainable future.

This is your gateway to unlocking a world of opportunity:

  • Network and collaborate: Connect with like-minded peers, industry experts, and potential mentors.
  • Gain invaluable experience: Hone your skills in design, engineering, and more, with expert guidance and online resources.
  • Make a real difference: Design solutions for real-world building projects, addressing Africa’s unique needs and contributing to climate resilience.
  • Win international recognition: Compete for awards and stand out as a leader in the sustainable building revolution.

So, are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Fill out this form, upload your team member list, and prepare to unleash your vision for a brighter, more sustainable Africa!

Let’s get started!

    Team Information

    Team Name

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    Team Institution

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    (Country where your institution is located)

    Team Captain

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    Faculty Advisor

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    Project Partner (if applicable)

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    Team Members

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    Faculty Advisor Information :

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    Additional Team Members

    Please download and use this spreadsheet template to provide team members details

    Project Information

    Project Title

    (Brief and descriptive title of your project)

    Project Type

    (Select from a list of building types)

    Project Location

    (City and country where the project is intended to be located)

    Project Brief Description

    (A concise overview of your project's goals and design concept)

    Project Summary

    Agreements and Commitments

    Additional Information

    Team Website or Social Media

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    How did you hear about the Solar Decathlon Africa Design Challenge?

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