IRESEN is a supporting organization, it is recognized as a national reference in research and testing in the renewables sector.
Created in 2011 by the ministry of Energy, mines and sustainable development and operators in the energy sector within Morocco, its mission is to bring support and assistance to the Moroccan energy strategy through leading applied research and development in the new energies field; particularly, solar.
This competition is aligned with the Moroccan objectives :
To conceptualize sustainable low-energy-consuming buildings that reach the bid of net-zero energy building and to increase reliance on renewable energies in the building sector.
The competition translates the will of the government to reach high levels of sustainability in its energy sector.

University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P)

Located in the heart of Green city MOHAMMED VI of BENGUERIR MOROCCO, the MOHAMMED VI POLYTECHNIQUE UNIVERSITY (UM6P) is higher education institution with international projection objectives.
It is oriented towards the business world and it is engaged to form skilled graduates in the sustainable economic development eld capable to meet the needs of complex world we live in and to become successful entrepreneurs of the nation.